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Testimonials - Caron Delpeche Swim School


  • Biance De Canha (Mason De Canha’s mom): Aquatots program

    Our journey with Aquatots Ruimsig began this year January – and we haven’t looked back since!

    I enrolled my son, Mason into the Aquatots program at the age of 16 months, twice a week. He loved it from the minute we got into the pool.

    I found the facilities to be truly lovely! Clean, inviting and very child-friendly. Teacher Shane and Teacher Caron have only been welcoming and patient, understanding and caring. Mason loved them both from the get-go. And they are fantastic with the moms too! Their method of teaching is gentle and never forceful which meant that there were literally no tears and no fuss. Often they would go with what Mason felt like doing that day, gently guiding him back to the program. They took the time to explain to us moms, the reason for certain rules and techniques as well as explaining what the goals were of each exercise. This made it so much easier to implement and helped us to carry out those routines when we were enjoying family time by the pool.

    It was to my absolute amazement that Mason started swimming by himself within 2 months and after only 16 lessons! Truly a testimony to the Aquatots program and their method of teaching!

    We are so excited to get back into the pool next term and look forward to a long relationship with Aquatots Ruimsig!

    Hayden: Learn to Swim Student

    With 6 Gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze in his last 2 galas, Hayden was awarded the junior victor ludorm and is the the youngest junior to complete and place in individual medley.

    Kirsten Kourie: Aquatots mom

    My son Cameron started Aquatots with Caron at age 2 and learned to be water safe not long after. As he got older, Shane taught him the correct stroke techniques. Today Cameron is one of the strongest swimmers in his age group, thanks largely to all he learned at Aquatots.

    Noma Clare :Adult

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn a new skill as an adult. It’s not easy to teach adults but your patience is amazing. When I joined your school I had already been to 4 schools but didn’t learn anything because their methods were not suitable for adults. Today I’m able to enjoy time in the pool with my family, no more grinning poolside envying my husband and kids.

    Nosipho Fumba: Adult

    So….. I signed up with great hesitation for the “Adults-Learn-to-Swim” class in December 2015. It was a spur of the moment decision, a friend of mine was literally forcing me into it and I went in thinking *** (shrug) I have nothing to lose I guess***.

    Little did I know that I had made the best decision of my life…

    When I returned to work the following day after my 1st lesson – the people who had been laughing at my decision and telling me to forget about learning “at my age” – could not believe that I could float, in fact they still can’t believe that within a week I can confidently carry myself in the water; no let me rephrase that – I can confidently SWIM!!!

    When I first got into the water one of the 1st questions Shane asked was: “Are you scared of the water” – I imagine he could tell from my body language. Long story short – from being afraid to even get into the water from lesson 1; by lesson 5 (i.e. 5th hour in the water with Coach Shane) – I had the confidence to jump into the deep end of the pool and swim all the way to the shallow end.

    I am now able to swim a whole lap in a pool of any gym!!!! (Yes within 5 lessons). The school has given me a skill I never ever imagined I would possess in my adult life.

    Thank you, Shane, and thank you Caron Delpeche Swim School!!!!

    I’ll be coming back for an advanced swimming class soon.

    Christel Viljoen: Aquatots and learn to swim mom

    Thanks again for all the hard work you do and the difference you make in our kids’ lives. I got reminded again on Sunday on 2 different occasions how important this is.

    Stefan fell into the pool at our house – I still don’t even know the exact details, as Dawid was home alone with the boys. He was outside cleaning our pool and says the “thump” of Stefan falling in was so soft (he was sitting on the side with his feet in the water) that he would never have heard it if he didn’t see it happening. I don’t know how Stefan responded, but know Dawid is usually pretty good with having them put into practice what they are taught in class.

    I was visiting with a friend and went into her house for a drink before heading home. Because of the heat, we sat outside at their pool with our feet in the water. Her (almost 4 years old) came to play outside and also decided to get into the water. He’s only accustomed to swimming with arm floaters (I’ve preached so many times on the dangers of this, as you’ve taught us!) and would not put them on. Mom went inside for a second to fetch a tissue as the nose was running everywhere and I stayed with him outside to keep an eye. Sure thing, he jumps from the step and starts to “doggy paddle” but in an upright position, so head and mouth still submerged in the water. I pulled him out and luckily all was fine, but it was so incredible to me to see how the “reflex response” differs from my kids.

    -No turning and trying to swim back / grab onto the step or side where he fell in

    -No pushing up of the head to get into that floating position, although they usually hate it, at least they seem to know that way they can breathe!

    -No, push off from a wall/ step/pool floor to re-emerge from the water

    -Always standing on the stairs, never comfortable enough to get down to the “crocodile” level

    So yes, THANKS A LOT!

    Zukiswa Madlebe: Adult

    Dear Shane and Caron

    I would like to commend Shane for taking me through from zero to hero. When I came for my first lesson I was very scared of water and the worst part was that I thought the pool water will be at knee level for the adult beginners … my eyes nearly popped out when I saw the pool full of water …. hahahaaaa … that’s how scared I was. Shane taught me to float on the same day. I couldn’t believe it.

    Shane, now I call myself a Swimmer because of you. I can confidently swim at the 25 metre swimming pool at the gym, which is a great achievement for me. You made sure that every day I learned something new and I always looked forward to my next swim lesson. At my age I thought it will take longer to learn to swim but with your patience and passion, it was such a pleasant experience to be part of Caron Delpeche Swim School.

    Swimming is a skill and I am confident to say I can swim.

    I thank you Shane and Caron Delpeche Swim School.

    Molokashe Molokomme

    Job well done. Thank you Shane. I can swim a lap in gym pool after the first beginner course of 10 hours.

    The Kings School

    Swimjozi servicing The Kings School for the last 15 years.