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Adults - Caron Delpeche Swim School



  • Swimming for adults incorporates three different types of classes that we offer:

    Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced: This covers water safety, body buoyancy and width swimming and basically helping yourself in the pool.

    People who cannot help themselves in the water at all; and who are fearful of putting their faces in the water and being fully submerged. As well as swimmers who’ve had trauma or a bad experience in water or who have never swum before and now want to start learning. Our eldest swimmer has been a 75 year old. We have successfully taught a 65 year old to go on to scuba diving after 30 years of no swimming, with her husband. Our reputation is that we take 10 hours to get a non-swimming adult to swim 14 meters and be safe.

    New beginner courses are mostly held on a Monday or Tuesday night at 18h30-19h30 and duration is once a week, for ten hours.

    Some of the key skill points are:

    • Backfloat and forward float
    • Sculling and treading water
    • Push off and gliding in the pool
    • Body position and buoyancy in the pool
    • Body swimming position in the pool
    • Arm drills and leg drills, basic doggy paddle
    • Jumping into the deep end
    • Managing to swim the length of the pool
    • Managing a swim cramp and swimming survival techniques
    • Rescue techniques for a conscious and unconscious swimmer

    Once you have done your first 10-hour course we are able to progress you to the NEXT intermediate level

    Intermediates: Strokes and stroke correction, length swimming, breathing techniques and control.

    Advanced: Racing dives, tumble turns, resistance swimming, as well as distance training for biathlons, triathlons including Open Water Dam swims.

    We can also accommodate groups of adults for training, be it a teambuilding for yourself and your colleagues or just for a group of friends that would like to learn together, we would be happy to customise a session specifically for your request. Please contact us to book your session.

    The classes are kept small and personal. Demand dictates opening of these classes.

    Or we have an option to learn privately:

    An intense crash course 7 hours or under one on one with Coach Shane. Depending on your ability. THIS IS ONLY available in the weekday mornings and will be arranged privately between you and the swim coach.

  • Adults application form